Attracting young talent to the construction sector

Companies in the construction sector are often faced with the challenge of attracting young talent. This is an issue not only at a company level, but for the whole industry. The construction sector must therefore find appealing and creative ways to stand out and position itself as an attractive and innovative industry, tackling chronic unemployment and building skills development in Africa.

What is the concept?

To address this collective need, the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo is organising an initiative for university students to present a concept that tackles a major challenge in the built sector. In June 2020 students will work through a challenge written by The Startup Hatchery, while gaining exposure with top industry professionals.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

  • Reputation-building: position your company as innovative and forward-looking by becoming an active part of this engaging challenge
  • Talent pool development: the engineers and construction managers of tomorrow will recognise your brand as a key potential employer and you will be able to select individual candidates
  • New ideas: get creative solutions and different perspectives on your business challenges
  • Qualitative engagement: interact with some of the best students in Africa

For more information on the Student Challenge, please contact Kelly Easton on

Student challenge 

9 -11 June 2020

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